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A Veteran’s Day shout-out from Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives author, Guy Fieri!

Inside Operation Warrior Library

Soon after The Chinatown Death Cloud Peril was published, Paul received a fan email from Col. George Reynolds of the First Army. He was shipping out to Iraq shortly, and was hoping for a signed bookplate before he left. They began a correspondence, and Paul figured he could help out in a really, really small way by shipping a few boxes of TCDCP to the Colonel, to be distributed to troops under his command. While Paul was happy to buy the books using his author discount, Simon & Schuster was even happier to donate the books to the cause.

Which gave Paul an idea. Why not get other authors he knew to donate books? Not used books, or some box of remainders a bookstore was trying to get rid of? We’re talking recently published, amazing, top-notch, bestselling books. Ones they won’t just come across in a bookstore in Baghdad. Books that could provide our soldiers with a little escapism for a few hours. Not surprisingly, those other authors were happy to help. The Colonel and his staff quickly set up a system that gets the books from Fort Gillem in Georgia to various Morale and Welfare nodes throughout Iraq and Afghanistan.  Paul also sends a shout-out to every author on his blog.

Meanwhile, the Army has officially given the effort the really cool and pulp name of Operation Warrior Library.  Starting with the second shipment of books, each author will have their own forum in which they can keep in touch with troops overseas.

Authors:  If you’re an author and you would like to help out by donating a box of your books, please email us at warriorlibrary@gmail.com  We are also thrilled to accept boxes of mixed author books from publishers.

Supporters:  We are not accepting donations at this time, but, you can support these authors who have made generous donations by buying their books.  If you buy them from the Operation Warrior Library Shop – all proceeds will go to cover OWL costs.

Meet the Authors:

Many thanks to our first battalion of OWL authors:

* Seth MnookinBrad Meltzer Tom MullenGlen David GoldAlice SeboldCharlie Huston Dean Lorey Jim Cherry *  Random House  *  Ellen ShanmanJon FasmanM. Glenn Taylor

And here’s the second group:

Jon FasmanTess GerritsenMeg Gardiner *  Jason Pinter *  Charles BockDaniyal Mueenuddin *  Trish RyanGeorge MastrasBob Drury and Tom ClavinLewis Robinson *  Tiffany Baker *  Jon Guenther *  Robert Buettner *  Angie Fox * Chris RyanLily BuranaLawrence GoldstoneValerie Malmont *

11/10/09 – Even more authors deliver!

Armin A. BrottKevin SmithStefanie Pintoff, Chris GrabensteinJoe Garde-Janet Ginsburg-Chris Pauls-Anita Serwacki-Scott Sherman-Emily Flake, Stephan Talty, Susan Gregg Gilmore.

Plus audio books and DVDs for our troops in the hospital from:

Patton Oswalt, Guy Fieri, Alice Sebold, Glen David Gold, Tess Gerritsen, Karin Slaugher, Mark Stevens, Kenneth C. Davis, Warren Buffett, Kim Barnes, Eddie Stack.

…and more to come!

And even bigger thanks to Colonel Reynolds, for letting us feel like we are doing something to help out. But most of all, thanks to the brave men and women stationed overseas. PHOTOS OF OPERATION WARRIOR LIBRARY BY COL. GEORGE REYNOLDS