The Chinatown Death Cloud Reviews

From print…

+ NEW! Chicago Tribune :: Back in Black
“Malmont’s brilliantly original debut novel is nothing short of a pulp masterwork!”

+ USA Today :: Pulp Fiction Returns in Juicy “Death Cloud”
“…written with a confident hand by an author who understands what it takes to write a good story and keep readers mesmerized from page 1 and yearning for more when it’s over.”

+ Village Voice :: Beach Reads – The Summer’s Best Books
“…breezy pulp pastiche”

+ The Week:: The List
“The golden age of pulp novels lives again in this ‘enormously entertaining’ debut novel”

+ US News & World Report :: Summer, One Page At a Time
“…a genuine page-turner.”

+ Associated Press :: Pulp is alive and well
“We haven’t seen writing quite like this in a very long time.”

+ The Washington Post :: Palpable Pulp
“…pure pulp.”

+ Florida Sun-Sentinel :: Review by Oline H. Cogdill
“…rip-roaring adventure, worthy of any tale of The Shadow and Doc Savage.”

+ New York Post :: Season’s Readings, by Billy Heller
“whirlwind of a debut”

+ The Sacramento Bee :: Summer Books 2006: Top Picks From 3 Experts
“…a riot of retro-themed adventure.”

+ The Globe and Mail :: Books for Summer
“…it’s such fun…”

+ St. Louis Post-Dispatch :: Thrillers and chillers keep summer reading cool
“…homage to pulp novels”

+ Dallas Forth Worth Star-Telegram :: Take your brain to the beach with these summertime reads
“This is like nothing else you’ve read.”

From the web…

+ Bookgasm :: Q & A
“Best Book of 2006!”

+ Ain’t It Cool News :: Moriarity survives The Chinatown Death Cloud Peril!
“It’s bliss, pure and simple, storytelling as contact high.”

+ Pop Matters :: Review
“Readers… are sure to be delighted and amazed.”

+ Bookgasm :: Review by Rod Lott
“This is not only a near-flawless debut, but a clear candidate for year-end honors.”

+ :: Steamy Summer Reads
“…as much fun as you can have this summer outside of a roller-coaster.”

+ Harriet Klausner :: Review
“…great escape fun as pulp fiction is supposed to be.”

+ January Magazine :: Pierce’s Picks
“A treat for fans of 20th-century pulp fiction.”

+ Harvard Book Store :: Churchill P. suggests…
“…beautifully written and breathlessly delivered.”

+ RoleMommy :: Summer Book Club Selection
“The story behind the book is one of the sweetest and most poignant love stories we’ve ever heard.”

+ Planet Peschel :: Review
“…a rousing tale.”

From the book trades…

+ Publisher’s Weekly :: Galley Talk, by Mark Finn
“A startling read; certainly the best book of its kind in many years.”

+ Publisher’s Weekly :: Review
“Malmont’s debut thriller reads like pages torn from the pulp magazines to which it pays nostalgic homage.”

+ Kirkus Fiction Spotlight, April 2006 :: 35 Hot Debuts [pdf]
“[a] high-flying homage to the people and stories that laid the foundation for crime and horror stories, science fiction and superhero comics.”

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