Jack London in Paradise

Jack London in Paradise

Jack London in Paradise

Jack London.

The name stands for adventure.

Explorer.  Social activist.  Romantic.  Self-educated genius.  White FangCall of the Wild. Martin EdenThe Sea-Wolf. Generations world-wide have been thrilled by his tales probably never realizing how true to life they really were.  He didn’t imagine the hardships, brutalities and humanity of life in the Yukon, on the high seas, in the slums of London, on the roads of war, or the back alleys of Oakland.  He lived them.  Few men were his equal and only one woman ever fully captivated his heart.  By the time he is forty no American is more famous.  And in the winter of 1915, the great writer sets sail on one last great adventure.

But he is being hunted.

Hobart Bosworth—an aging matinee idol and filmmaker—is desperate for one more Jack London picture to save his career.  Hollywood machinations have driven a wedge between he and his old friend.  He tracks London and his wife, Charmian, from the mysterious ruins of their magnificent, destroyed, Wolf House across the storm-swept Pacific to the volcanic islands of Hawaii.  The Jack London he finds there is a man half-mad with visions, struggling with the ghosts of his past, the erotic temptations of the island paradise, and his own wolf-like nature.

Now Hobart’s original goal   – to save his studio – has become a desperate struggle  to save his friend and to preserve an American icon.

With or without Charmian London’s help.

A romantic novel of sweeping passions and raw adventure set against an unforgettable sultry backdrop,  Jack London in Paradise vividly imagines the legend of a legendary man most everyone knows about but few actually know.

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