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OWL Dispatch :: Jack Lewis books for troops27 May

Friends are always asking me how they can help with Operation Warrior Library.

Well, here’s a way we haven’t tried before but sounds cool. Author Jack Lewis has a special offer this Memorial Day weekend for you to send a specially inscribed copy of his book to our soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Click below to purchase “Nothing in Reserve” for a discounted price of $10, and Jack will sign it with the inscription of your choice.


The book itself sounds awesome, and appropriate for Memorial Day.  Nothing in Reserve invites the reader to an intimate glimpse of one middle-aged soldier’s journey to Iraq and back. True stories set in wartime, these are not war stories. Jack Lewis offers an unexpectedly vulnerable glimpse into one of the timeless tests men have faced: going to war, and returning home. While the veteran will find honesty and truth within, this book is accessible to the uninitiated as well. Early stories give an authentic and often funny glimpse of military life, building to a crisis of self all too common among returning soldiers. Exploring the universal human question of how we move through our lives, acknowledging mortality and pain without becoming lost within it, Jack shares with us his own journey toward elusive redemption.

So buy a book for a solider, and pick yourself up a copy while you’re at it.  Thank you, Jack, for your service, devotion and artistry.  And here’s to remembering all our soldiers (that’s you too, Dad.) this weekend.

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